Beautify Your Living Room

October 27, 2017

Consider a modem and luxurious window treatment that adds to your home decor and keeps your privacy from  Soft Surroundings.

Forget about the boring shutters and blinds for privacy  give  your windows an elegant treatment with drapery panels. Drapery is not only soft and lush, but adds personality and makes your windows look larger.

Visit Soft Surroundings to pick  from many fabrics and lengths to suit your decor.

Consider Flanders Linen Custom Length Drapery from Soft Surroundings. Crafted from 100% Belgian linen to elevate any room in your home. Very easy to hang these tab/rod  pocket curtains with tab tops. Lightweight linen blocks light efficiently and keeps your privacy.

Transform your bedroom or living room with Balloon Drapery Panel from Soft Surroundings. Beautiful silky and billowing fabric adds a touch of classic luxury. Easy to hang in the traditional way or with ties  and  makes any room look great. These  drapery panels  provide a good darkening effect to keep onlookers away.

Get the perfect window treatment and  keep the sun away  with Raw Silk Woven Drapery Panel from Soft Surroundings. These drapery panels complement and add texture to  contemporary and cottage decor. Quality and elegant drapery panel call for a matching accessory. The backing is fairly thick to keep your privacy and stop onlookers from getting a peek inside your home.

Beautify your living room and go for Lavishly Full Sheer Panels from Soft Surroundings. These panels hang perfectly and add a warm and welcoming feel to any room. They  provide good light  filtering during the day and offer  privacy. Panels look heavy but are  very soft and light. Get the full look and add more privacy with four panels. Be ready for compliments when  your guests see them.

Go for a combination of fabrics and pattern and opt for Porte de Fer Custom Length Drapery Panel from Soft Surroundings. A delicate French modern design with with a lush of linen and cotton. Make sure you hang the drapery panel high to showcase in your living room. This option creates a bit of a blackout effect preventing light from entering and offers great privacy. Made from quality fabrics for long lasting durability.

Go for a sophisticated and Spanish inspired drapery panels and opt for Salamanca Custom Length Drapery Panel from Soft Surroundings. Medallions in ikat stitch adorn the drapery panel and add texture. The stunning ivory color blocks  sunlight and creates great contrast of  the pattern.

Go for ultra soft and elegant French drapery panels and opt for Chartres Custom Length Drapery Panel from Soft Surroundings. These drapes will transport you to Chartres, France. In a trellis pattern to add more personality to your contemporary home decor. These definitely make it hard for onlookers to see  the inside of your home. Not even light will come  through  these very dark color drapery panels.

Create a beautiful effect on  your window look with a  Double Curtain Rod from Soft Surroundings.

There’s more you can do to safeguard your privacy at home consider window treatments from  Soft Surroundings.