Protecting Yourself Online

September 13, 2017

Most of use know by now that there are many predators out in cyberspace seeking out victims. We know that we need to be careful with our private information so that it is not easy to access. This is just a friendly reminder of how to protect yourself.

*Pick a password that will be difficult to crack. It should contain both letters and numbers. By adding symbols to your password it becomes even more difficult to crack.

* While on-line stay away from pop-ups, which can lead to unsecured areas.

*Do not open any e-mail that appears suspicious. You may be opening a virus to your computer or even a trojans.

*Do not visit other sites while banking. You may be opening the door for others to see your private information.

*Make sure to back-up your files at least once a month. Sadly many people loose important information because they fail to do this.

*Make sure to run anti-virus software at least once a week. This is protection for you from those who are trying to steal your private information.

*When ordering on-line be sure the web site address begins with https, not http. If the “s” is missing the site is not secure.

*Remember the simple rule you learned as a child, “Never talk to strangers”. Often strangers are searching for useable information from gullible victims. Do not give them the opportunity to hurt you. Be smart and stay safe.

Just a little reminder to protect yourself before you become a victim. We all can use a little reminding now and then.